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Eligibility Requirements

MFIs Personnel and Final Beneficiary training
The MFIs have to meet the following conditions in order to qualify for the MFIs Personnel and Final Beneficiaries  training support from SELF Microfinance Fund.

  1. MFIs must have accessed loan fund from SELF Microfinance and at least successfully completed one loan cycle.
  2. The training should target MFIs clients who are operating income generating activities.
  3. The MFIs must show commitment to contribute 30% of the support requested.
  4. Consideration will be given to MFIs that have not received the training in the past.
  5. The training program will be non residential of at most three days per one training program organized at MFIs level.

Institutional Support
The MFIs will be eligible for institutional support if they demonstrate the following;
  1. THe MFI must be among the active SELF Microfinance collaborating partners, completed successfully at least one loan cycle.
  2. Must have demonstrated good performance and growth in terms of quality loan portfolio, number of members and amount of savings.
  3. The SACCOS must have good track record of performing micro-finance.
  4. Specific amount limit, as institutional support is provided by SELF to support office renovation and office equipments.