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Institutional Capacity Building

The Fund supports Micro-finance Institutions (MFIs), and Entrepreneurs/Final Beneficiaries in different training programs. The training focuses on imparting knowledge to address mindset, perceptions and enterprising attributes as a way of deepening outreach.

MFIs Functional Personnel  Training

Capacity building to MFIs personnel aims at enhancing micro-finance best practices and creating confidence to MFIs personnel to manage institutional functions more effectively and efficiently. The beneficiaries of this type of training are board members and executive secretary/managers, credit officers and credit committee’s members, treasures and accounting clerks. This training covers courses on corporate governance, credit management, accounting and finance.

Final Beneficiaries Training

The Fund collaborates with other partners to supports MFIs' clients training programs. The training focuses on imparting entrepreneurial skills and enterprise development to address mindset, perceptions and enterprising attributes to Fund’s target beneficiaries.


Eligibility Requirements

MFIs Personnel and Final Beneficiary training
The MFIs have to meet the following conditions in order to qualify for the MFIs Personnel and Final Beneficiaries training support from SELF Microfinance Fund.

  1. MFIs must have accessed loan fund from SELF Microfinance and at least successfully completed one loan cycle.
  2. The training should target MFIs clients who are operating income generating activities.
  3. The MFIs must show commitment to contribute 30% of the support requested.
  4. Consideration will be given to MFIs that have not received the training in the past.
  5. The training program will be nonresidential of at most three days per one training program organized at MFIs level.