head office

A group photo of representatives of Mase Saccos, Swaya Saccos, Ikuti Saccos, Malangali Saccos and Fund Staff. After signing loan agreements in Mbeya Hub.

mbeya office

The Promotion and Marketing Officer, SELF Microfinance Fund,welcomes the then Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Ms Elizabeth Nyambibo during the International Credit Union day exhibitions at Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Dar Es Salaam. Ms Elizabeth Nyambibo was The Chairperson of  the Project Steering Committee before transformation.

mbeya office

SELF MF  staff briefs the Fund  activities to the then Deputy Minister of Finance. Honorable Adam Kigoma Malima during the Financial and Investment Week exhibitions held at Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Dar Es Salaam.



SELF MF is a corporate entity under the Ministry of Finance which was incorporated on 4th September 2014 to take over the operations and obligations of Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF) Project that ran from 1999/00 to 2014/2015. The ultimate goal of SELF is to contribute towards reducing poverty through facilitation of microfinance services that enhances economic opportunities.

SELF MF is a wholesale Microfinance Fund, for extending loans to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) such as Microfinance Companies, SACCOS, NGOS with Microfinance window and Banks for on lending to rural and urban portion of under and un-served entrepreneurs, also is envisaged to extend lending to SMEs. Additionally, SELF is tasked with imparting entrepreneurial skills to final beneficiaries so that they invest and manage their loans effectively to realize profit and repay the loans and to increase income for livelihood improvement, hence poverty reduction


"To be leading Fund in the provision of affordable financial services to underserved rural and urban communities in Tanzania.


"To provide sustainable Financial Services for income generating activities to underserved communities for poverty alleviation"