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head office

SELF Microfinance Fund Head Office at Letsya Towers 3rd Floor. Along Bagamoyo Road.

mbeya office

Mbeya Branch Office. NSSF Building, Karume Road.

mbeya office

Mwanza Branch Office. Mezzanine Floor,Kenyatta Road.

Welcome to SELF Microfinance Fund

Back Ground of SELF Microfinance Fund

SELF Microfinance Fund -SELF MF, is the result of transformed Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF) Project, which was jointly funded by the Government of Tanzania (GoT) and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). The Project was implemented for two phases, because of its exemplary performance and existence of unmet financial services in the unserved and underserved the Government decided to transform the Project to SELF Microfinance Fund to strengthened and create sustainable financial services delivery to underserve. SELF MF is now carrying all the mandates which were carried by the Project. The Fund is among of interventions that are implementing the national agenda of building an industrialized and competitive economy through provision of affordable financial services.

Area of Coverage

SELF MF provides service in the entire country of Tanzania including mainland and Zanzibar. Its head office is located at Letsya Towers, along Bagamoyo Road Dar es Salaam. The Fund has four zonal offices, Mbeya Office which provides supervision in Southern Highlands regions, Mwanza Office which caters for Lake Zone regions, Northern Office which provides supervision in Northern regions and Dar es Salaam Office, which provides supervision in eastern and central regions, including Zanzibar. The strategy is to provide services closer to clients, without compromising sustainability of intervention.

Target Client/Group
Households and individuals intended to benefit from SELF MF include the following; Small entrepreneurs particularly in rural area including women in the informal sector, unemployed youth, rural smallholder farmers and the disabled. The Fund also extends loans to SMEs.